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Austin is leading the green movement in Texas, with energy and water conservation as core goals for local municipalities, businesses and residential customers. As businesses develop sustainability goals, water conservation is identified a core component in green building and expansion planning.

AMD Lone Star – Best Practices in Green Building

A team of leading environmental experts worked together to develop the site plan of the AMD Lone Star campus in Southwest Austin. The site demonstrates best practices in green building and has achieved Gold LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council by meeting at least 39 credit-based criteria in energy and environmental design. AMD Lone Star has established a new standard for sustainable development in Austin, Texas.

The three key tenets of the site plan are reducing site impact, protecting water quality and designing for sustainability. AMD voluntarily complies with the water quality control requirements outlined in Austin’s Save Our Springs Ordinance. In addition, the site includes a land-based filtration method to capture and treat storm water from streets and other outdoor site surfaces. Water is transported, stored and filtered using natural approaches to reduce the need for more invasive retention and treatment ponds.

AMD Lone Star features an innovative rainwater harvesting system designed to collect 100% of the rainfall from roofs and top floors of parking garages. The system is configured with eight 45,000 gallon cisterns and an underground storage tank with approximately one million gallon capacity. Rainwater collected is used to irrigate the native landscaping and supplement potable water used in an energy-efficient evaporative cooling system.

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